Riverbend Ranch

At Riverbend Ranch, it’s all about family. The passion, the dedication, the respect for the animals, and the love of the land. It all starts with owners Frank and Belinda VanderSloot and how their values create the right atmosphere for producing the best Angus beef.

“Family is an important part of the culture at Riverbend,” says Dale Meek, Pure Bred Manager.


This lifestyle is something you can really put your heart into.

Dale Meek, Pure Bred Manager

The VanderSloots see raising cattle as the perfect definition of entrepreneurship: working hard and being passionate for what you do equals success. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

“Nature being unpredictable is part of the business,” says Riverbend General Manager, Steve Harrison.


Yet, just like a family,
you stay positive.

Steve Harrison, Riverbend General Manager

To him, raising cattle that meet the standards of Blue Ribbon Angus Beef is a welcome challenge.

“People may not realize how much we really care for the quality, wholesomeness, and safety of the product we’re responsible for,” Steve adds. “Our reputation is at stake, so we focus on nutrition, health, and animal handling and management.”

The Blue Ribbon Angus Beef brand relies on ranchers like the VanderSloot family to produce beef that creates a memorable eating experience, time after time.

Willow Creek Farms

Willow Creek Farms is a captivating Idaho ranch in the shadows of the mountains along the winding Snake River. Once you’ve been there, you don’t want to leave. Just ask Willow Creek’s owner, Chris Drakos, who has farmed potatoes and raised cattle there for decades.

“My father was a farmer, and I’ve been a farmer all my life. I think everybody has a little farmer in them,” says Chris. His passion for working the land expanded to include Angus cattle, and he’s never looked back.


It’s a journey from day to day.
But, the hard work is worth it

Chris Drakos, Owner

Willow Creek’s General Manager, Cory King, whose father once worked the ranch with Chris, fell in love with the area, too. “I can’t put into words what people are missing. There’s no better place to raise a family than a farm or ranch,” he says.


I grew up on a small farm
in Utah, so it’s in my blood

Cory King, General Manager

Cory sees raising cattle for Blue Ribbon Angus Beef as an honor. “We know quality Angus. From the fields to the feed to the animals’ health, our best effort means the best meat for meals.”

The Blue Ribbon Angus Beef brand is raised by ranchers like Chris Drakos, whose ultimate goal is providing wholesome Angus beef.

Riverbend Ranch Idaho Falls, Idaho

Willow Creek Farms Burley, Idaho